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Ai digital media & services

We provide 'Ai' cloud artificial intelligence powered digital media marketing, B2B small business ventures, and multi-cultural philanthropy 

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Ai Artificial Intelligence Digital Media & Marketing


Click on picture for Ai powered digital media, entertainment, and marketing for small businesses and e-commerce. Our IBM powered network dominates text, video and audio distribution funnels for small to large companies or campaigns.

Alf the ai system

Marijuana Cannabis Industry Leaders


Click on picture for Ai infused services offered to scale business and brand awareness. 

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FREE transitioning and reintegration consultation and planning


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Ai revolution, company mission & services

Artificial Intelligence for small businesses & minorities


Medi8solutions, LLC is an 'Ai' Artificial intelligence IBM powered digital media marketing & consulting service company. We strive to serve both consumers and small businesses in Ai digital media marketing, B2B small business development, and philanthropy work such as with the military-veteran community.

Our Ai digital media efforts will revolutionize industries with cutting edge innovation in order to create, foster and revolutionize marketing productivity, increase revenue and expand business possibilities. Moreover, the mission is to help underserved communities with access to soft-technology innovations.

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Medi8solutions mission

 Our company mission is to first scale up our client's business for profit growth or accessing services for consumers at the lowest possible cost. With that, we love to educate society about (Ai) Artificial intelligence as scholarly researcher's who will revolutionize industries with Ai digital soft-technology.

The founder's vision is to empower small "mom & pop" business owners to grow and compete in today's online and e-commerce markets up-against larger corporations. The end results are to increase ROI return on investments, and discover calculated-educated predictions for businesses to succeed.  

For consumers the mission is to help access low-cost services and products with the best customer satisfaction that are historically; marginalized against low-income to blue collar families and overpriced such as high cost legal support.

Long-term the mission is to level the playing field for under-represented communities and small business owners in today's competitive online economy. Finally, embark on new business ventures and contribute to Ai communities collaborative multi-cultural partnerships

Services for small businesses and public

*Ai IBM powered target marketing

*96.5% Ai accuracy on identifying prospects

*Web design & maintenance

*Mobile APP development

*PPC pay per click: Google & Facebook Adwords

*Plan of action presentations

*SEO search engine optimization

*Social media management

*Public relations communications

*Ai infused market funnel tracking

*Content blogging

*Local listing

*Aggressive competition campaigns

*Branding & design

*Hispanic target marketing

*CRM applications

*Custom demographic analysis

*Deep Ai statistic trends, market research and data analysis

*Video, VLOG and Podcasts weekly productions

*Legal advice for businesses

*Legal access to lawyers 24 hours a day phone APP *Bilingual services

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Medi8solutions llc is a parent company of

Gimibots, Gimivets, Gimiwork, Gimiweed & Pandaloop World productions launching 2019.

An Independent Senior Associate service provider for LegalShield & IDShield U.S.A. and Canada

We welcome investors and collaborative ventures

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