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There are two options to sign up:

STEP 1: Apply by phone call or download the LegalShield two sided application below this section. Fill out completely, include payment method either credit/debit or VISA  reload card like "Green Dot" number. Another method is write your checking account bank information for auto withdrawal option. Write associate # on the application for Eddie #129288866.

STEP 2: Apply by phone call or apply on this website by clicking the Appointmentºenroll button in top menu. Click the plan you need and schedule a day and time for Eddie to call you.

                              OR OPTION 2

STEP 2: Scan or take picture of the Legalshield application. AFTER email back to Eddie with his associate I.D. on the application #129288866 at email to or


STEP 3: ONCE receive from LegalShield enrollment approval download LegalShield APP on your cell phone. You will receive your attorney law firm information and call them to open a case. Remember to always write down the case number for each legal issue. Finally, Eddie will schedule a newcomers orientation with you and welcome to the LegalShield network!

learn about LegalShield plans

Family plans


Plans cover spouse/dependents under 24 years old. Members receive individualized legal advice by real attorneys. Receive same personal attention and assistance from Eddie.

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Independent plans


Individual plans cover single members and option to include dependents under 24 years old non-married. Receive same personal attention and assistance from Eddie.

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CDL truck, Uber, Lyft drivers


Commercial driver legal protection for truck drivers, company vehicles, independent taxi or Uber & Lyft, and food delivering companies.  Click picture for nationwide road coverage.

Business plans


Small business plans available for single ownership up to 100 employees. HUGE discount for larger sign ups, employee sign up presentations, monthly educational presentations included, coverage continues if employees leaves and continues to pay, schedule with Eddie click picture

Large group plans


Group plans are perfect for large corporations and we visit site for info presentations, perfect to protect Greek or social organizations, employees can opt in/out deductions, we can present to any association for consideration of services.



Join Eddie's team at for personal training by Eddie, he builds your online sites, access to Ai research,  earn extra income, residual income, unlimited financial bonuses and perks.  

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Get to know the nationwide law firms

Check out one of thousands of Law firm's available to you in southwestern states Arizona and New Mexico

Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC

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Attorney's and Law firm's in southern California

Parker Stanbury, LLC

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Services are available for Spanish only speakers / se hable en Español

Medi8solutions will walk all our Spanish speaking clients through the process and assist them with English to Spanish translations and explanations, if needed.

Legalshield Video

The combination of Legalshield attorney access and Medi8solutions, LLC personal assistance whether in English or Spanish is a win-win relationship. To become a client or join our team watch the whole video!