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Ai digital media marketing levels

Diamond level best for competitive multi-services or large corporations, agencies

The Diamond level package is specifically tailored to each of our customers need and predicts 96.5% macro and micro calculated alternatives for competitive edge ROI. Eddie personally works and dedicates larger time and attention to clients due to sensitive data and instruments used for custom projects.

Platinum level recommended for multi-service large businesses, interstate commerce

The Platinum level can take businesses from 0 - 60 faster with less cost to organically reach 96.5% accuracy in prospect to customer convergence, identify niche markets, and dominate markets with agile techniques.

Gold level best for medium to large businesses, campaigns

The Gold level lives up to the golden rule of sustainability, efficiency, and scale. This is our most desired package because of its diverse capabilities at a competitive prices for businesses expanding or franchising.

Silver level recommended for sole proprietors with one or more businesses, LLC or PLLC

The Silver level is a more personal service tailored Ai digital media package that is more specific for individual owners or single managed agencies. Although it does not include the in-depth scientific perks of higher level services we try to focus on product cost savings and service for time efficiency.

Bronze level recommended for "mom & pop" small businesses, startups, 501c3

There is a way for small businesses, organic enterprises and local non for profits to; expand, increase and generate return on investments with Ai marketing in our Bronze level package. We make it affordable for 'mom & pop' businesses in disenfranchised communities to compete online in digital marketing and e-commerce with multiple marketing tactics (habla Español).

Services offered

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Ai, SEO and CLOUD can simplify life

Our passion

First and foremost Medi8solutions takes every project and client seriously when it comes to customer satisfaction and security. The privacy of clientele is assured with each new contract that all services are internally controlled and networks are fully screened for clearance, confidentiality and security regarding data information at all times. The in-home Ai soft technology deployed is cautiously rolled out with the most dedicated attention to detail to avoid competitors being able to mine tracks, penetrate links, VPN's and counter bots. Our Ai technology and network capabilities continue to grow stronger with daily improvements and expansion of Ai supportive programs. Eddie is dedicated to perfecting the art of digital media marketing with tools like Scrum, XP, Agile, Kanban, Lean, DSDM, IBM SPSS, HyperResearch, R software, Python and other cloud based instruments. However, our survival relies on academic network contributors, cloud systems, constant updates from IBM Watson developments and Google deep learning and machine learning changes. Most importantly our digital media funnel management dedicats itself daily to stay up to date on continuous changes from top platform social media, video, blogs, and third party sites for optimal performance.

Artificial intelligence – The future is here.

SEO & CRM– Powerful tools if you know how to use them right.

Cloud based systems – Ai could of only been possible with faster processing, larger data management and storage.

Where technology and social media is going – Daily we embed ourselves within circles of influential soft and hard technology leaders, social media influences, and trend setters whether organic or corporate.

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