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Arizona Veteran's Court Programs

Veteran's court was established in Phoenix, AZ to support and ensure participating veterans rehabilitation rather than harsh punitive penalties for offense's in court. Although it is a second chance as a "thank you for your service" it is not to be mistaken as a get out of jail free card. The objective of veteran's court is to address the possible originating problem of life situations that may have led to veteran's action's in violating the law.

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How Veteran's Court works

Process and Eligibility

Veteran's court is a collaboration of veteran's and mentors in the legal profession, support services, local agencies, State and Federal agencies, and the Department of Veteran's Affairs and Arizona State Department of Veteran's Services. The mission is to reduce recidivism, rehabilitate, and prepare veteran's to get their lives back on the right side of the law.

Regardless of military discharge, under misdemeanor violation's or having a legal docket initiated in Supreme Court all veteran's are encouraged to apply. 

Steps to correct life challenge's

Participating Prosecutor Offices review facts and/or criminal history. Contested violations are not eligible. If accepted: Case plan designed with court team, court appointed Attorney will be assigned to assist veteran, directives given by Judge for self-improvement to be completed by next court date, and veteran cooperates with mentors, counselors, VJO's. Once complete with no additional violations accrued, clean, and back on track the veteran 'may' earn a reduced sentence charge's or even dismissal of all charges.

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Participating Veteran's Courthouses


Tempe Municipal Court

140 East Fifth Street, 3rd Floor, Tempe, Arizona 85281

Phoenix Central Municipal Court

300 Washington Street, 6th Floor, Phoenix, Arizona 85003

East Valley Regional Court's

Scottsdale City Court (480) 312-2442

Gilbert Municipal Court (480) 635-7800

Chandler Municipal Court (480) 782-4700

Paradise Valley Municipal Court (480) 404-7000

Fountain Hill Municipal Court (480) 816-5103

Carefree - Cave Creek Consolidated Court (480) 488-1689

Mesa Municipal Court (480) 644-2255

How Medi8solutions can help you get started

1. To find out more, apply by filling out a Medi8solutions form, scan and email back to (pictures accepted)

2. We can help you with questions either over phone or webcam (Skype/zoom)

3. We are not directly part of veteran's court but we can refer you to the right source at courthouse (no guaranteed acceptance)

4. Acceptance will come from the courthouse team and only veteran's court. 

How Medi8solutions can help court participants

*All veteran related services by Medi8solutions are FREE!

1. Develop a critical life map by an expert using a VPMTA to successfully reintegrate

2. One-on-one consulting and initiate IVECP Individual Veteran Education Career Plan

3. If interested, assistance in education assessments, college enrollment, and financial aid coaching for a degree program or vocational trade.

4. Resume build-up and mock interviews to prepare for potential employers

How Medi8solutions can help with civilian conflicts

See our mediation and conflict disputes page. For lawyer or legal assistance referrals click on our Legalshield page. Our goal is to connect veterans with free to low cost services much as possible.